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A Better Niagara's goal is to have more responsive, transparent and accountable government in Niagara.

With your help we were able to achieve significant change across the Region in the 2018 municipal election. For the next four years our efforts will concentrate on holding our elected officials to account. We will work with other citizens' groups to keep an eye on local and Regional Councils, the NPCA, the Police Services board and other related agencies. And we will report back to the public on issues that we believe are significant and need public attention.

When necessary, we will initiate action, such as we did in December 2018, when we filed an application in Superior Court to clarify who were the legal appointees to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and to settle, once and for all, what number of board members the Conservation Act entitled Niagara to appoint.

When you support A Better Niagara, you become part of a movement for change that will result in a better Niagara for all. Their are many ways you can help:


We are an all-volunteer group and we work from home offices, however, we still have the ongoing expenses of maintaining our web and social media presence and, occasionally, paying for legal advice. Your donations are needed and appreciated. Donate today via our donation page.


We need people who can add their voice, energy and skills to A Better Niagara. There are many different areas where you can help depending on your available time, skills and experience. Sign up now by taking our volunteer survey.

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