Smarter Growth


A tsunami of population growth from the GTHA is coming our way. The type of growth we choose matters...

Smart Growth policies limit sprawl and build communities that: are vibrant, both economically and socially; offer multi-modal transit options including efficient, accessible public transit; are well-services with walkable neighbourhoods that are desirable places to live, work and play and meet the needs of all age groups. 

icon-dev.pngSmart Growth policies will also help to protect Niagara's vibrant agriculture, horticulture and viticulture industry and the area's remaining natural areas. Containing sprawl also has the added benefit of encouraging redevelopment in existing urban areas that could use a face-lift

With Smart Growth there are opportunities for innovative policies that provide incentives for brownfield development and urban renewal.

Furthermore, by planning ahead we can commit to create investment-ready zones that are both beneficial for our economy and sustainable.

Smart Growth Principals

Here is a list of Smart Growth principals from the Niagara Region's own website.

Smart Growth is essentially a means to make more sustainable development choices in an effort to create vibrant urban centres, sustain a strong economy, ensure a healthy environment and combat urban sprawl.

  • Create a mix of land uses - a mix of jobs, stores and homes make life more convenient
  • Promote compact built form - this contributes to a sense of community as neighbours get to know each other, not just cars
  • Offer a range of housing opportunities and choices - not everyone wants or needs the same thing
  • Produce walkable neighbourhoods and communities - gets people out of cars and reduces gridlock
  • Foster attractive communities and a sense of place - each community has unique features worth preserving
  • Preserve farmland and natural resources - people understand and appreciate their connection to nature and the land
  • Direct development into existing communities - take advantage of existing community assets
  • Provide a variety of transportation choices - people need another way to get where they're going
  • Make development predictable and cost effective - obstacles to implementing Smart Growth should be removed, and
  • Encourage community stakeholders collaboration - plans developed with strong community involvement tend to get implemented


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