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Growing Niagara’s economy should benefit our residents first

Niagara residents have seen a particularly steep decline in the quality of jobs available over the past couple of decades, especially in comparison to many other regions in this country. We need to lead the charge toward the good jobs that help create healthier communities.

It is time to stop desperately hoping for a silver bullet solution. Instead, we need to create an atmosphere of job creation and maintain standards of employment so that all new jobs are good jobs.



Prioritize Local Jobs

We must ensure that when local projects go out for tender that local companies have a real opportunity to secure that work. This policy means that new infrastructure built for Niagara will be made in Niagara by Niagarans.

apprentice.jpgSuch a policy will ensure that our local skilled trades have the work they need to sustain their lives here in Niagara.

Attract The Right Investment

We know that Niagara's natural benefits make it one of the best places to live. We need politicians to leverage that to attract new employers who will provide good jobs. We have a well-educated and skilled workforce, we should not be settling for bending over backwards to bring in corporations that pay minimum wage. Let's start expecting more.

How Our Municipalities Can Lead

Our cities, town and Region are already in the business of attracting, subsidizing and creating new business. Now we need to create policies to ensure that they're prioritizing jobs that will pay living wages so that those new workers can live better lives and contribute significantly to our community.

Our municipalities are some of the biggest employers in Niagara. It is time for them, as employers, to adopt good jobs policies that will ensure that people live above the poverty line and have the ability to attain an affordable life in our own communities.

When our cities lead by example, they will attract the type of employers that our community needs to thrive and succeed. A better Niagara is one with more full-time, permanent, good-paying jobs. 


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