We believe that environmental sustainability and economic development are not mutually exclusive possibilities...

We've seen significant public outrage recently about actions threatening important wetlands in Niagara. Our region is located in Canada's Carolinian zone - a zone representing 1% of Canada's landmass but containing more species than anywhere else in the country. Unfortunately, in Niagara very little of the original Carolinian ecosystem remains.

icon-env.pngOur Region needs sustainable development that doesn't pave over what little is left. Policies that ensure economic development while protecting endangered or sensitive natural areas are needed.

Thundering WatersThe Environment in Niagara can also be protected through the promotion of tourism and eco-tourism - measures which have the added benefit of creating employment for residents.

The flagrant disregard for wetlands and sensitive natural areas must be stopped and a strategy put in place that can ensure that areas are investment ready without the need to destroy precious wetlands.

Carolinian zone

The map below (shaded area) shows the approximate area of the ancient Carolinian forest ecosystem. Today, less than 15 per cent of it remains in isolated areas across southern Ontario. In Niagara that drops to 10 per cent.  
Map courtesy Carolinian Canada




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