Congratulations to all 93 candidates that A Better Niagara endorsed in the 2018 municipal election.

Meeting all of you was a great inspiration to us at A Better Niagara. Bogged down in the muck of all the problems of recent local governance, it would have been easy to lose focus and become jaded, but you gave us hope that things could change.

And on October 22nd 2018 they did, in a major, powerful way.


To those who didn’t get a seat this time around, we know you are disappointed. Campaigns are full of physical, emotional and financial challenges. It’s not easy to put yourself out there. But you did it. Now you can do anything. You have skills, experience, fresh ideas and integrity — that’s why we endorsed you and we know you will continue to use those talents to make your communities a better place. Also, A Better Niagara isn’t going away, we are in it for the long haul and we hope some of you will join us to continue to keep an eye on Local and Regional councils and to work toward whatever other goals ABN sets for itself.  


To those candidates we endorsed who were elected, congratulations and our best wishes as you take your seats at the tables of local governance. We appreciate the hard work you put into your campaigns, your commitment and the concern you have for your community. You know you have many challenges ahead of you, not the least of which is to restore the people’s trust in their local governance. We have faith in you.


Here's the list of A Better Niagara's endorsed candidates who were elected:



Mayor Jeff Jordan; Regional Councillor, Wayne Fertich; Alderman, Ward 1  Reg Freake and Kevin Ritchie; Alderman, Ward 2   Dave Kadwell and Lianne Vardy; Alderman, Ward 3, Randy Vaine; Alderman, Ward 4, Dorothy Bothwell and Dave Sharpe


Regional Councillor, Rob Foster; Local Councillor, Ward 1, Dianne Rintjema; Local Councillor, Ward 2 Tony Brunet and John  Pachereva; Local Councillor, Ward 3; Paul MacPherson and Mike Mikolic; Local Councillor, Ward 4, Greg Reimer and Lynn Timmers

Niagara On The Lake

Mayor, Betty Disero; Local Councillors, Norm Arsenault, Allan Bisback, Gary Burroughs and Stuart McCormack.

Niagara Falls

Regional Councillors, Barbara Greenwood; Local Councillors, Carolynn Ioannoni and Lori Lococo

Port Colborne

Regional Councillor, Barb Butters

St. Catharines

Regional Councillors, Jim Bradley, George Darte, Brian Heit and Laura Ip; Local Councillors, Ward 1, Lori Littleton and Greg Miller;  Local Councillor, Ward 3, Kevin Townsend; Local Councillor Ward 4, Karrie Porter; Local Councillor Ward 5, Dawn Dodge; Local Councillors Ward 6, Carlos Garcia and Bruce Williamson


Mayor, Terry Ugulini; Regional Councillor, Tim Whalen; Local Councillors, Carmen DeRose; David (Jim) Handley; Anthony Longo and Ken Sentance


Regional Councillors, Pat Chiocchio and Leanna Villella; Local Councillor Ward 3, Lucas Spinosa; Local Councillor Ward 4  Bryan Green


Contact Information For Regional Mayors and Councillors

If you would like to email all members of Regional council, you can copy and paste the list below into your email. Individual emails by municipality are below.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Fort Erie

Mayor Wayne Redekop (

Regional Councillor Tom Insinna (



Mayor Jeff Jordan (

Regional Councillor Wayne Fertich (



Mayor Sandra Easton (

Regional Councillor Rob Foster (


Niagara Falls

Mayor Jim Diodati (

Regional Councillor Peter Nicholson (

Regional Councillor Barbara Greenwood (

Regional Councillor Bob Gale (



Mayor Betty Disero (

Regional Councillor Gary Zalepa (



Mayor Marvin Junkin (

Regional Councillor Diane Huson (


Port Colborne

Mayor Bill Steele (

Regional Councillor Barbara Butters (


St. Catharines

Mayor Walter Sendzik (

Regional Councillor Brian Heit (

Regional Councillor Tim Rigby (

Regional Councillor Kelly Edgar (

Regional Councillor Sandie Bellows (

Regional Councillor Jim Bradley (

Regional Councillor George Darte (

Regional Councillor Laura Ip (



Mayor Terry Ugilini (

Regional Councillor Tin Whalen (



Mayor Kevin Gibson (



Mayor Frank Campion (

Regional Councillor Pat Chiocchio (

Regional Councillor Leanna Villella (


West Lincoln

Mayor David Bylsma (

Regional Councillor Albert Witteveen (



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