A Better Niagara is endorsing candidates who believe in integrity, transparency, and accountability.

A Better Niagara (ABN) is pleased to introduce its first group of endorsed candidates for the October 22nd municipal election. The endorsement process included face-to-face interviews with A Better Niagara representatives and a resume review. As well, all endorsed candidates have signed a pledge, promising to act with integrity and to be transparent and accountable in conducting their responsibilities when elected.

A Better Niagara will continue to interview and endorse candidates as the election nears. As new candidates are endorsed they will be added to our website, listed by municipality. Announcements will also be made on our Facebook page.

Incumbent regional Councillors and Mayors will be evaluated separately from our endorsement process. A list of which incumbent regional councilor members are supported or not supported by A Better Niagara will be released soon.

Given the number of candidates running locally and regionally in Niagara’s 12 municipalities, it is unlikely that we will be able to interview everyone, and of course, there will also be candidates who don’t seek our endorsement. However, we are confident that, by the time early voting commences, we will have a wide variety of endorsed candidates who are as diverse as the people they hope to serve and who are also committed to bringing good governance back to our communities.



Jeff Jordan (289-235-7736, nixonfarms1826@gmail.com)


Regional Councillor

Wayne Fertich (905-945-6697, wfertich@cogeco.ca)


Alderman, Ward 1

Cindy Aiken (906-309-1722, cindyaiken.w1@gmail.com)

Reg Freake (416-706-2687, rfreake@grimsbyforyou.ca, https://www.grimsbyforyou.ca)


Alderman, Ward 2

Lianne Vardy (289-235-9485, liannevardy56@gmail.com, Facebook: elect Lianne Vardy Grimsby Ward 2)


Alderman, Ward 3

Randy Vaine (289-260-8823, rvaine@gmail.com)


Alderman, Ward 4

Dorothy Bothwell (905-536-5492, votebothwell@gmail.com, www.dorothybothwell.ca)


Fort Erie

Local Councillor, Ward 4

Pati Habermann (289-821-0961, patiward4@gmail.com)


Niagara Falls

Regional Councillor

Dianne Munro (905-295-9383, dbmunro@icloud.com, diannemunro.com, Facebook: Dianne Munro for Regional Councillor)


Local Councillor (At-Large)

Angela Peebles (905-351-8655, angelapeebles2018@gmail.com, www.angelapeebles.ca)

Jamie Jones (289-686-0192, Jamie_jones18@hotmail.com)

Lori Lococo (905-357-5902, lori@lorilococo.com, www.lorilococo.com)


Port Colborne

Regional Councillor

Barb Butters (905-834-4005barbarabutters21@gmail.com)


St. Catharines

Regional Councillor

Haley Bateman (905-246-3999, haley@haleybateman.ca, www.haleybateman.ca)

Laura Ip (905-984-0741, laura@lauraip.ca, https://lauraip.ca)

Len Stack (289-214-7669, lstack6@cogeco.ca)


Local Councillor, Ward 1 (Merritton)

Greg Miller (905-931-3622, greg@millerformeritton.com, www.millerformerritton.com)


Local Councillor, Ward 3 (St. George's)

Vicky-Lynn Smith (smithvickilynn3@gmail.com, Facebook: @vickilynn2018)


Local Councillor Ward 4 (St. Patrick's)

Robin McPherson (905-684-9393, votemcpherson@gmail.com, www.voterobinmcpherson.com)

Karrie Porter (905-650-4076, karrie@karrieporter.ca, www.karrieporter.ca)


Local Councillor Ward 5 (Grantham)

Dennis Van Meer (905-359-9233, electvanmeer4grantham@gmail.com, www.electvanmeer.ca)



Regional Councillor

Rob Foster (905-324-2304, rjfoster@sympatico.ca, www.robfoster.ca)


Local Councillor, Ward 2

Tony Brunet (905-563-5911, tony.brunet3998@hotmail.com)


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