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Contribute to A Better Niagara

$11,560.00 raised
GOAL: $25,000.00

With your support, A Better Niagara will continue to fight for Better Governance in the Niagara Region by getting good people elected and by engaging citizens on the issues that matter by:

  • continuing to provide accessible training to candidates in preparation for the upcoming municipal election on October 22nd
  • providing additional support to good candidates as the election nears.
  • advocating for integrity, transparency and accountability in local governance.
  • advocating for better Regional policies on the issues that matter to you like better jobs, smarter growth, environmental protection, improved regional transit and affordable housing.
  • informing you, and engaging with you, about important Regional issues.

Third Party Advertiser - As part of the new rules for municipal elections, A Better Niagara has registered as a Third Party Advertiser in each of the 12 Niagara municipalities. This will allow us to support or oppose candidates and make our case to the public for why we've done so.

As a registered Third Party Advertiser, A Better Niagara is required to ask you for a contribution location in order to utilize your contribution. Contribution Location refers to the Niagara municipal campaign you want your donation to go towards.

The total you can contribute to A Better Niagara is $1,200 per municipality.The total amount you can contribute to all third party advertisers in a single municipality is $5,000.  All contributions more than $100 are reported in advertising campaign financial statements after the election. For more information, contact us at abetterniagara@gmail.com

Thank you for your contribution.

Together we can build A Better Niagara.