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Contribute to Staying Vigilant

Please continue to donate. We need you.

With your support, A Better Niagara will continue to fight for Better Governance in the Niagara Region by staying on top of issues at Regional and Municipal Councils, the Niagara Peninsula Conservative Authority, and the Police Board. We will make delegations to local Councils and Committees and we will hold our elected officials to account on issues of transparency, accountability, and integrity. We will keep citizens informed through our Facebook posts and community meetings. And we will continue our fight for A Better Niagara - a Niagara that is livable, fair to all citizens, protective of its environment, that offers good jobs and affordable places to live, and that has governments that work for and with their people.

A Better Niagara is a registered not-for-profit. We have no employees. All those involved are volunteers. If you like what we did during the 2018 municipal elections to bring citizen concerns to the forefront, to fund and endorse good candidates, and to call out those elected officials who were not serving the citizens of this Region, please continue to suppotr us.

Although our expenses are low, we still need to pay for our website, boost our Facebook posts, and rent rooms for community meetings.

Please help us continue the fight for A Better Niagara.

For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for your contribution.

Together we can build A Better Niagara.