Flyers take advantage of taxpayers and disadvantage new candidates

By Liz Benneian, A Better Niagara

When is a flyer, created for a Regional Councillor and paid for and distributed at public expense, simply communication with constituents and when is it self-promoting election material?

That is a crucial question that needs to be answered after Niagara Regional Councillors Sandy Annunziata (Fort Erie), Councillor David Barrick (Port Colborne) and Tony Quirk (Grimsby) all recently sent out flyers to their community that contain what media stories have described as “campaign-style”, “self-congratulatory” messaging.

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Ed Smith speaks out on Regional Council's decision on investigating CAO D'Angelo's hiring

On Thursday night last week Niagara Regional Council debated what actions they should take in reference to the St. Catharines Standards story regarding the process to hire CAO Carmen D'Angelo being tainted by a violation of critical confidentiality rules. The facts, as presented, have meant that D'Angelo was given preferential information and treatment in the competition.

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Report on How You Can Build A Better Niagara: Running for Municipal Office

[Originally published by The Sound newsmagazine, republished here with permission.]

“Remember who put you in office: it wasn’t you, it was the people.” – Debbie Zimmerman, former Niagara Regional Chair (1997-2003)

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Niagara Needs Municipalities To Support Smart Growth

Smart growth in major urban centres has become more and more dominate amongst municipal decision makers in the last 15 years, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for the Niagara region or its 12 municipalities.

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Caslin & Amazon: Lessons for a 21st Century Niagara

Amazon is looking to build a second headquarters. The mega-project could employ up to 50,000 residents and would represent an injection of billions of dollars into whichever community is selected to host it. Since the announcement, municipal politicians from across North America have been scrambling to make the best case for the golden prize of economic development. 


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The 3 Habits Of Highly Effective Local Politicians

Stephen R. Covey The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was first published nearly 30 years, attaining a readership in the tens of millions. Depending on your opinion of self-help books and Mr. Covey's work, you may or may not have read this book and you may or may not have have been affected by it. But one of its foundational tenets rings true and is a lens through which we can view the politicians that are effective and those that are not. And Niagara has some excellent examples of both.

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A tale of two conservation authorities


The Toronto And Region Conservation Authority has a detailed plan in place for "Meeting The Climate Challenge". On the other hand, our Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority's Strategic Plan is worried about "the needs of economic development". That same document fails to mention climate change at all.

Niagara is seeing the devastating effects of flooding and environmental disregard more every year. In 2018, let's elect politicians who acknowledge the threat of climate change and commit to bold action to protect our natural environment and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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