Affordable Housing




Niagara Needs Affordable Housing

Residents who need affordable housing are waiting much too long in Niagara.

At its most egregious, the residents of Niagara are waiting upwards of 13 years to access the affordable housing unit that they qualify for and desperately need. That is 13 years of choosing between paying rent or purchasing groceries. Consider how having to choose between healthy food, shelter or medicine might impact your life. Many take for granted the things that those on these wait lists cannot afford: children's sports, adequate school supplies, access to technology and more.

Proper housing gives kids a better start in life and changes lives in general for the better.  Simply put, residents not being able to afford shelter keeps them in a cycle of debt and jeopardizes their wellbeing. Decades of inaction on affordable housing have led to a crisis in Niagara's communities.

A Severe and Growing Crisis





These waitlists highlight the excessive need for affordable housing units, and the lack of priority placed on housing. Thousands are waiting, and more join each year. That is thousands of Niagara families struggling to survive. 

Solving Niagara's Affordable Housing Crisis

It is clear that housing has not been the priority it needs to be.

A complex problem like housing requires thoughtful policies and bold politicians to implement them. 

A Better Niagara aims to prioritize the immediate reduction of the lengthy wait lists across Niagara and put in motion a plan to reduce this need in the long-term so that residents here never need to choose between affordability and housing. We need your support. First and foremost, we need those bold politicians who will finally start addressing this crisis to be elected. The time for lip service has past. The time for action is upon us.





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