About Us


A Better Niagara coalition brings together local residents frustrated by the nature of politics in Niagara who have joined together to offer a new vision for politics in our communities.

Drawn together by a mutual desire to see integrity, transparency and accountability in municipal politics we are committed to a Niagara that is more democratic, more equal and more open.

We empower local residents who share a common vision for A Better Niagara

NR-map.jpgWhether residents choose to run for office or simply want their voice heard in the decisions made about their own communities, our group will support and encourage everyday citizens who wish for levels of government that are more accessible, accountable and honest and which above all serves the needs of the residents who put them in power.

Who We Are

A Better Niagara is run by a steering committee and also features several subcommittees that are made up by a number of Niagara citizens. Our membership is inclusive and non-partisan.

Some key figures involved include:

Sean Polden 

Ed Smith 

Liz Benneian 


Make your voice heard!

We are an open and inclusive group and we invite all residents who dream of, work for and want A Better Niagara to be part of our movement. Join us.




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