A Better Niagara

We believe that together, we can create A Better Niagara. Our current Regional Council, and the Council-controlled Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, have been mired in conflict and controversy. We believe the time has come for citizens to demand integrity, transparency and accountability from our elected representatives. As well, we believe in implementing progressive policies that promote the interests of all residents will benefit Niagara's citizens now and in the future. To achieve A Better Niagara, our coalition will promote these values and policies and help the candidates who endorse them win municipal elections Niagara-wide on October 22, 2018. 


Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability

We believe that those elected to Municipal and Regional Council need to be held to high standards. We expect our politicians to treat citizens with respect and demonstrate that they understand and appreciate that citizens have a voice in Municipal and Regional matters. We expect our politicians to be honest with citizens and exhibit soundness of character. We expect our politicians to operate in an open manner, both in their decision-making and in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities. We expect our politicians to be accountable for the decisions they make and to be able to justify those decisions to citizens in a clear, understandable way. 

Policy Pillars For A Better Niagara



Smarter Growth

The type of growth we choose MATTERS. A tsunami of population growth is coming, and instead of unsustainable urban sprawl, we need to follow Smart Growth principles, building vibrant, attractive, well serviced, transit-friendly urban centres while protecting our agricultural lands and environmental areas.... read more

icon-env.pngEnvironmental Responsibility and Protection

We've seen public outrage recently about actions threatening important wetlands in Niagara, which is located in what remains of Canada's species-rich Carolinian zone. We need reasonable development that doesn't pave over what little is left.... read more

icon-job.pngGood Jobs for Niagara Residents

Economic growth here must benefit Niagara residents. When local projects go out for tender, let's ensure local companies have a real opportunity to secure the work. This would mean local skilled trades have good jobs to sustain a living in Niagara.... read more


Better Public Transit

We want Niagara to join the regions across Canada that are moving quickly to give people reliable, accessible, public transportation.  We need a transportation policy that benefits all residents of the Niagara Region.... read more


Affordable Housing

Proper housing gives kids a better start in life and changes lives in general for the better. Residents who need affordable housing are waiting much too long in Niagara. We need Niagara governments to care more.... read more

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    By Liz Benneian, A Better Niagara When is a flyer, created for a Regional Councillor and paid for and distributed at public expense, simply communication with constituents and when is it self-promoting election material? That is a crucial question that needs to be answered after Niagara Regional Councillors Sandy Annunziata (Fort Erie), Councillor David Barrick (Port Colborne) and Tony Quirk (Grimsby) all recently sent out flyers to their community that contain what media stories have described as “campaign-style”, “self-congratulatory” messaging.
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    Ed Smith speaks out on Regional Council's decision on investigating CAO D'Angelo's hiring

    On Thursday night last week Niagara Regional Council debated what actions they should take in reference to the St. Catharines Standards story regarding the process to hire CAO Carmen D'Angelo being tainted by a violation of critical confidentiality rules. The facts, as presented, have meant that D'Angelo was given preferential information and treatment in the competition.
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