A Better Niagara

A Better Niagara is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with a mandate to encourage civic engagement and municipal public participation in Niagara. The group was founded by a coalition of local residents frustrated by the nature of politics in Niagara who joined together to offer a new vision for governance in our communities. 

Drawn together by a mutual desire to see integrity, transparency and accountability in municipal politics we are committed to a Niagara that is more democratic, more equal and more open. We empower local residents who share a common vision for A Better Niagara. Whether residents choose to run for office or simply want their voice heard in the decisions made about their own communities, our group will support and encourage everyday citizens who want more accessible, accountable and honest government leaders who, above all, serve the needs of the residents who put them in power.

The 2018 Election

In 2018, A Better Niagara focused on endorsing and supporting good candidates who were running municipally and regionally in the election as well as raising issues of importance to our area. Altogether around the Region 47 candidates that we endorsed were elected. 9 of 11 of the incumbent Regional Council candidates that we believed did not deserve to be re-elected were not re-elected. Overall, we were very pleased with the results.

What's Next

Following the October 22nd 2018 election, A Better Niagara will remain vigilant in supporting good governance going forward. That means keeping an eye on Local and Regional Councils, and on organizations like the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and the Police Board, and in bringing issues of importance to public attention. 

A Better Niagara will begin a public consultation process in the New Year to determine how best to do that and also to explore what else we may be able to do with the communities support.

Join Us On Facebook

The best way to keep up-to-date with A Better Niagara is through our Facebook page. Consultation dates and other information will be posted there.

Thanks for your interest.

Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability

We believe that those elected to Municipal and Regional Council need to be held to high standards. We expect our politicians to treat citizens with respect and demonstrate that they understand and appreciate that citizens have a voice in Municipal and Regional matters. We expect our politicians to be honest with citizens and exhibit soundness of character. We expect our politicians to operate in an open manner, both in their decision-making and in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities. We expect our politicians to be accountable for the decisions they make and to be able to justify those decisions to citizens in a clear, understandable way. 


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